Drea Nicole

Drea Nicole


Mostly working with acrylics on canvas, I create artwork inspired by life and emotions. My fondness of acrylics is rooted in the movement and energy expressed through the medium’s texture and vibrancy. I also enjoy sketching with charcoal and get lost for hours in pointillism with ink. Of all my work, my favorite piece was created with scraps of construction paper arranged on a discarded sheet of dry wall in a pixelated manner, depicting a portrait of my boyfriend. I try to be as resourceful as possible. I save everything and anything, knowing it can one day be the perfect addition to a beautiful piece of art. I also mix my own henna paste, which I use to tint canvas, wood, and skin. In addition to the traditional arts, I sew and craft and would love to one day learn to knit and embroider.

Art is escapism. It is a retreat to a place with no boundaries. Art is my connection to other planes, worlds in the future, and times long gone. My artwork is a reaction to emotions felt and a reflection of my experiences and my dreams. More than anything, I would love to share my appreciation of art with future generations.  I feel that while I will always enjoy painting and fine art, illustration is a great way to make art available to a broader audience.   It is in this way that I hope to give back to the community that has given me the ability to dream and create.


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