I was in high school when I started submitting my art work to the annual Guma Mami Creative Spirits art auction.  The money raised from the auctioning of art work goes to help better the lives of persons with disabilities in our community.  I’ve submitted almost every year and if I didn’t submit I helped in some way or another.  A couple years I didn’t have any pieces to donate so I did Henna tattoos and helped raise money that way.

In July 2010 I began really using my art to voice my concerns in the community.  I participated in a rally to protect Pagat, an area that has been included on Guam Register of Historic Places as well as the National Register of Historic Places, from the military build up on Guam.  The military proposed using area surrounding Pagat as a firing range. In order to show my support for Pagat and the community, I painted signs.  They weren’t fancy.  Just simple statements and images.

Kannai’s work at the Realize our Destiny rally in 2010.

Since then I’ve used my artwork to participate in other rallies and I’ve made friends with other artists who use their work to help our island and community.  We created a network, we call Kannai, and gather for art nights and community art projects and events.

I hope to continue to support and celebrate my community with my artwork.  If you have a community project you think I’d be interested in please feel free to email me at


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